Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

Today I read an article today from Babbleon about stopping to smell the roses, now this was my incentitive STOP and do something for yourself for just a change. I did just that and went straight to my room and started pulling out papers, more papers and just a few embellishments. My room is now total chaos. My next thought what photos would I use, ok surf facebook, there are always photos from members of my family. Yay, success, now to print off. I setup the printer, to find, it wasn't printing correctly. Yes ink in all cartridges, clean the head and all the nozzles, still not printing properly. There is a lot of cursing. Silly me, I replaced the  cartridges, but forgot to remove the tape from 4 out of the 8. Done, now to scrap.  My chaos became bigger, no table, no desks, floor well, it is full too, so I just pushed some more onto the floor and made room on my table. Hurray, I actually did a layout today. This would be the first layout I have done in 6months, and really enjoyed myself. I used papers from Les Papiers de Pandore called Summer Life. Below is a photo of the layout I did today.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh no.................... it's October already

October, a sign our season is moving into Summer, and Christmas is nearly here.

 I for one will be so glad to see the end of this year. Some of you will already know this, but this year bought news, none of us were prepared for, my husband was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at an advanced stage. I felt my world came tumbling down and trying to struggle to surface again, it was as if  I was drowning along with my husband. We knew the outcome after treatment would be positive but we had to get through this.. All our plans were put on hold, work commitments changed and I could only manage the online store and the bricks & mortar shop has been closed during this time. My husband has now completed all chemotherapy and radiotherapy, still waiting for that 8 week mark after treatment to see how successful it was. He does feel better but now he has to go through shoulder replacement and rotor cuff repairs, so this will now happen in January just before a holiday.

I haven't scrapped in just so long, but I have been reading lots of blogs and planning lots for 2014.
Barbie, has had a little time with me during all of this, and scrapped to her hearts delight. I will share her layouts below.

First Layout is from UHK Gallery from paper range My Precious

Second Layout is from UHK Gallery paper range Tropical Fruits

There will be lots of new releases arriving shortly from Europe, keep a look out for these. Retired stock in the online store has been reduced dramatically and prices are as seen.

You can find us on Facebook too, click the facebook link. You will find lots of inspiration from our suppliers, quick giveaways and other competitions going regularly.

Angela from Country Bumpkins Clothing in York will be visiting quite a few wheatbealt towns in the coming weeks and will have a stall at the markets in these towns. Angela has been kind enough to take along some of the my shop's products to sell too. You can find Country Bumpkins Clothing online here

Flair Buttons are all the rage now, and I have been designing and making these for awhile, just not selling them in the shop until last month. I can design anything for you, just email your requirements through to me. I have just made some 58mm buttons to be used as titles and these will be uploaded during the next few days. Below you will see just a sample.