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Autumn Escape in Taupo April 2011

Autumn Escape New Zealand 2011

Autumn Escape was held in Taupo New Zealand from 15 April till 17th April 2011.
Three of us girls met up in Auckland and had a few days site seeing in Auckland. I was the delegated driver. After picking up the hire car, Ford Focus and it really was a small car, not intermediate as booked. We laughed and being scrappers and shoppers, we thought we can do this!!!

Rae from Scrapmatrix in Darwin Northern Territory loves antique shops, as do I, so 1st port of call enroute to hotel was antique shops. Rae was successful in finding some goodies, Wendy Carter, not her scene, as for me, well, what I liked and was taking a good look at was this lovely old book, with beautiful writing inside dating to the 1700’s. Reminder to oneself, ’check where counters are situated in these places’, hence I was quickly told off for being behind a counter and this book ’WAS NOT FOR SALE OR TOUCHING’. For those of you that have been in this type of shop, they are always cluttered. I couldn’t see any counter at all. We left the shop in disgust.

We made our way back to our hotel, thankyou Wendy for organising this, The Crown Plaza, very nice. We just chilled out and had a few drinks before meeting another friend of Wendy’s for dinner. Lovely meal too and company was excellent.

Next day, off we treked investigating some scrapbooking shops. Not many left in New Zealand now, as we found out. One shop we went to, were so friendly. Thankyou Scottie Crafts, you made us most welcome. That evening, it was off to dinner, but near our hotel was the reverse chair bungy jump. Wendy made us do it, we were all laughing so much, but Rae was nearly hyperventilating. We loved it.

Thursday, it was time to hit the road and head to Taupo. Ok our luggage fitted just. First stop was Rotorua, Rae had never been to New Zealand, so we had to do some sightseeing along the way. Hell’s Gate it was, but how about Zorbing girls. I pulled into the area but certainly no way were Wendy and rae going to participate but we did take photos. I really needed my bathers for this adventure so I did a miss this trip but next time definitely. The scenery was exquisite enroute and a few photo stops were made. I didn’t go on the walk through Hell’s Gate, the sulphur gives me migraines, so I was happy waiting for Wendy & Rae to check the place out. From here it definitely was Taupo. The address we had, wasn’t much other than State Highway One Taupo. "It’s ok girls, I will find it" Hence now, problem solved drove straight into the Resort. ’WOW’ was heard from the three of us. We checked in and was certainly excited by this point.

After unpacking our bags, we thought it was time to meet up in the bar, where else, you may ask!!! Excitement is mounting. OMG into the bar came Nic Howard, Becky Fleck, Rachel Tucker, Lucy Vanderloos and the TA’s. I’m sorry Nic, I couldn’t resist picking you up, you are so little and we really were there to see you after all. The look on Becky’s face was priceless, what are these women doing!! Introductions all round and we sat and enjoyed a few drinks and some really lovely food. The Barman was such a good sport, and for those that know me, I just can’t help myself when i see a tall, young man and love to flirt somewhat.

Friday. The retreat starts today, so up early to have breakfast and get our tools and off we head to the conference area. Women were already lined up, totes, bags etc etc. Yes, excitement was mounting again. The door opened and all 130 women filed into the room looking for our tables. The main room was so well decorated, layouts and off the page items were displayed all over the room. It really was beautiful. It was now real business. Lessons were starting at 11am. Some women chose to attend the classes, others remained and scrapped.

Saturday. We were all up and rearing to go again, classes were beginning at 8.30am. Yes, we had a full on weekend, that was why we were there.

Sunday. The Retreat was finishing about 2pm, but there were a couple of classes in the morning so majority of women just scrapped and laughed and shopped of cause.

The three of us had decided to stay and extra night at the resort, and relax before our drive back to Auckland, and we were trying to prolong packing the car, because yes, we did find time to shop, but it was all the packs from our classes and the welcome box, we had to get in the suitcases too.

The back seat of the car

In all the weekend was fabulous and certainly will be returning next year.  I will include more photos below:

Just a few of the Tutors

Nic Howard & Lucy Vanderloos

      Rachel Tucker             Lianne Gray

The Lolly Bar                       The Prize Table

The Main Scrapping Room

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  1. I have to say that this holiday in New Zealand was SO much Fun. Getting to know Rae from Scrapmatrix.com was wonderful and cemented a long term friendship. It was a very good decision to attend Autumn Escape in Lake Taupo. The lovely resort hotel looked after us extremely well. The camp was run amazingly well, lots of time to scrap, attend lessons and eat wonderful meals. Nic Howard is an amazing teacher, along with other fantastic teachers who taught some fantastic techniques. Roll on next year. Not sure about the zorbing tho. Hope Kim is not serious about making me do THAT!!