Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

Today I read an article today from Babbleon about stopping to smell the roses, now this was my incentitive STOP and do something for yourself for just a change. I did just that and went straight to my room and started pulling out papers, more papers and just a few embellishments. My room is now total chaos. My next thought what photos would I use, ok surf facebook, there are always photos from members of my family. Yay, success, now to print off. I setup the printer, to find, it wasn't printing correctly. Yes ink in all cartridges, clean the head and all the nozzles, still not printing properly. There is a lot of cursing. Silly me, I replaced the  cartridges, but forgot to remove the tape from 4 out of the 8. Done, now to scrap.  My chaos became bigger, no table, no desks, floor well, it is full too, so I just pushed some more onto the floor and made room on my table. Hurray, I actually did a layout today. This would be the first layout I have done in 6months, and really enjoyed myself. I used papers from Les Papiers de Pandore called Summer Life. Below is a photo of the layout I did today.

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