Sunday, November 10, 2013

Studio75 New Arrivals

After much freight line troubles, stock has arrived from Studio75 Poland.
3 gorgeous lines

Sweet Home

Unique, womanly, with a dose of practicality and romance.
All these in one! Is it possible? Just have a look!

Here you can experience subtleness of a strawberry sorbet brighten with a whipped cream.
Even those who need some refreshment find something useful. All that good was designed by Novinka
She dedicated all her heart and scrapbooking love to that collection. You just can’t pass by those versatile papers.
Romanticism can accompany you with every step you take, in every corner of your house and field of life.
Thanks to that collection you sit at the table, find yourself in a rose garden or just feel cozy and comfortable sitting on a sofa under the checked blanket.
Just home sweet home. A little inspiration to help complete your work

Rosalie in The Garden

Rozalia is the name of the Latin origin and means "rose Bush" Rozalia is the name of a fairly original and not popular in Poland. The name of it is under the care of the planet Venus, and the sign of the Zodiac, which fits this name is lion.   Our Rozalia is artistic soul with a touch of romanticism, sometimes a bit of sense. Rose loves to surround yourself with manually created objects, robótkować, and the most free time to spend in the garden.

Warm Wishes

The heat, the traditional collection for winter and the holidays contains universal papers for use throughout the year. Zaaprojektowana collection by Magda Tomaszewską.

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